What to Expect

People may visit church for many reasons. Some are “coming back” to God or are dissatisfied where they are attending church. Others are curious what “church” is all about. A number of people experience needs and hope that church may be the answer.

A Church meeting may, in and of itself, be of little help. Many will find the meeting confusing and different than other type of meetings experienced. Church is the gathering of Christians to learn, love and live for God. The focus of every meeting of the church is God. So you can expect the Bible to be read and taught from as God’s guide book for knowing Him and learning to live for Him. Our music is specially chosen to focus our minds on some aspect of God or our lives with Him. Prayer, which means talking to God, is an important part of our gathering because He is included in all of our meetings. This may all be very foreign to you and that is OK.

We would love to have the chance to share with you how to have a relationship with God. When you are in a right relationship with Him, the different elements of the meeting begin to make more sense. You will also learn that being part of a church family has significance for fellowship, learning about God, navigating your relationship with Him, and carrying out His desire for your life.